8922U Quick User Guide


There is an URGENT update for the WW scales app on the App store.

If you have updated your iOS device with iOS 13 or above, you will need to also update your WW scales app to continue to see your past history.



1. Remove all packaging materials.

2. Remove the isolator tab from the battery compartment –

3. Your scale is now ready to use. For best accuracy, place scale on tile or hardwood floor, rather than uneven, flexible or soft flooring (such as carpet).

4. Before use please select the unit of measurement you require. Press the button on the underneath of the scale to select St and Lb, kg or Lb.

5. This scale will not work accurately on carpet.


Page 6 - At this time this scale is unable to connect to the WW online site.  The scale would only be able to transfer the weight value and not body analysis data, and this will appear on the app later in 2018.

Page 8, 9 & 18 - Each user needs a different device (phone, tablet etc.) to connect to the scale.  You can’t have multiple users on one device with this scale.  So you don't need to log in and out of your phone.

To re-set the scale and erase all data – use a small sharp object to press the small button on the underneath of the scale – the screen will say Clr.  All data will be permanently erased from the scale.

The missing muscle mass table is at the bottom of this page.

To download the app for iOS, click here.

To download the app for Android, click here.

(Mobile Device Not Included)


WW Body Analysis Scale Bluetooth Requirements:

This scale works with both iOS and Android operating systems.

*iOS devices using iOS 9 and above (iPhone (5), iPad (3/4, mini, air, and up)

IPod Touch (5 and up)

* Android using Android 5 and up (smart phone and tablet devices)


Download the WW Scales by Conair scales app.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Click here to download the app or search “Weight Watchers Scale UK” - be sure to use the UK app (not the US one)


Syncing Bluetooth®

This is a Bluetooth® enabled scale. It will try to broadcast a Bluetooth® signal every time it is being used, even if you are not using it with the app, or your smart device is out of range. Generally, you will see the following in the scale display:

Bluetooth® symbol is blinking = Scale is trying to communicate with your smart device

Bluetooth® symbol stable and a tick appears = Bluetooth connection has been established

Bluetooth® symbol stable and an X appears:  Pairing failed, no Bluetooth® connection, no data is being transmitted

Bluetooth® symbol not visible = scale is in manual mode, no Bluetooth connection, no data is being transmitted.

If a Bluetooth® connection cannot be established, the scale will still measure and display all your data, as long as you are set up as a user on the scale



First step, select your unit of measurement on your scale – either pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) or stone and lbs (st lb). You can easily make your selection by depressing the tab (button) on the underneath of your scale. (This will wake your scale up, so no need to tap to turn on)

Once you download the app, open it and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need your scale near you and activated in order for it to record your details. It is necessary to complete your profile set-up in order for your scale to track your measurements and create graphs and charts.

Open the WW Scale app on your mobile device. Be sure the Bluetooth setting is turned on (go to your settings and check if Bluetooth is turned on).

On the first screen you will see PRESS TO START.  Press this button.

The next few screens allow you to enter you date of birth, gender and height.

You will see a Warning Screen. Press OK to proceed once you have read and agree to the warning.

Your app will welcome you! And it will then allow you to connect your scale to your mobile device.   Once connected you can select your user number.


Transmitting data into the app

After your device and scale have been paired, you can transmit data to the device via Bluetooth. You will see a Bluetooth icon and a check mark on your screen which indicates that you’re connected. Step on scale with bare feet. Stand still to see your weight. The scale will display your weight and, a few seconds later, your body analysis data.

Once your weight has been displayed on the dashboard you can change the units of measurement through MY ACCOUNT, SETTINGS then UNITS.

If you need to add your weight manually (if you're away from home) press the + button on the top right hand corner.

If you need to start all over again, clear the scale data (by pressing the small button on the underneath of the scale) with a sharp object, delete the app from your phone and reload.  PLEASE NOTE: BY DOING THIS YOU ERASE ALL DATA PERMANENTLY.

If only one user wants to delete their data - just delete the app from your phone - do not reset the scale completely.  However that user number will be permanently used until the whole scale is re-set.



Please consult the instruction booklet that was included with your scale.


Missing Muscle Mass Table

Within the booklet the following table was omitted.  Please use this table when looking at Muscle Mass recommendations

Muscle mass Image.jpg


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